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We are five guys from Oslo, Kongsberg and Numedal playing thrash metal! More content will come here as we go. For now make sure you subscribe to our rss feed, or follow us on Bandcamp or facebook.

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Packing promos for Inferno


Hey! Just a little hello to say we’re still alive and kicking!

Here’s a shot of the promos we’re packing before attending the Inferno Metal Festival this easter. The mix for the album is not entirely done yet, but we think it’s good enough to let the suits know what we’re up to. Who knows? Perhaps someone will even like it?

Studio teaser

We’re back from our recording session at Toproom Studio, and here’s a small teaser from our stay.

A big thanks to Børge Finstad for letting us loose in his den, and for helping us set up for a killer sound!

Video edited using KDEnlive.

We're recording!

Blastered is currently whacking it out in Toproom Studio, here in Norway. We’re just getting started but are really happy with the setup so far. Drum takes have started, and the sound is killer! We hope to be able to give you some samples later on, but for now, here’s a couple of shots to keep you on your toes!

studio201701/001-b9fbf40a3df535249df0951043621f579938b5ff949bf83f7de402f90d1eac2f.jpg studio201701/003-b9fbf40a3df535249df0951043621f579938b5ff949bf83f7de402f90d1eac2f.jpg studio201701/004-b9fbf40a3df535249df0951043621f579938b5ff949bf83f7de402f90d1eac2f.jpg studio201701/007-b9fbf40a3df535249df0951043621f579938b5ff949bf83f7de402f90d1eac2f.jpg studio201701/008-b9fbf40a3df535249df0951043621f579938b5ff949bf83f7de402f90d1eac2f.jpg studio201701/009-b9fbf40a3df535249df0951043621f579938b5ff949bf83f7de402f90d1eac2f.jpg